Why Cut the Business Rent Tax?

Marisol Gonzalez

I Pay $40,000 in Biz Rent Tax

Derek Vander Ploeg

President/Owner, Vander Ploeg & Associates

Scott Mann, CEO HighForge

Biz Rent Tax Almost Ended My Small Business

Scott Maclaren - President, STILES

Biz Rent Tax Hurts Our Business

Leslie Heimer, Executive Vice President, CFO Strategic Partners

Biz Rent Tax Has Significant Consequences

Josh Almeda - Owner, Ascend Studios

Biz Rent Tax is "Crazy Burden"

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Doug Izzo

Government Affairs Representative, Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce

Sarah Pearson

Senior Vice President of External Affairs, Greater Boca Chamber of Commerce

Mike Ketchum

Vice President of Public Policy, Orlando, Inc.

Doug Conkey

President and CEO, Clay County Chamber of Commerce

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